Barry The Penguin's Black and White Christmas - Book & CD

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Beautifully illustrated Children's Book including CD.
The CD is the 45 minute audio-book, Narrated by Dr Who's Christopher Eccleston and including all the songs performed by West End leading actors Kerry Ellis, Haydn Oakley, Michael Xavier, Louise Jameson, Gabriel Vick, Kate Hume and Ricardo Afonso.

Based on the stage musical

by Lesley Ross & John-Victor
Adapted by Rachel Bellman with Lesley Ross.
Illustrations by Matt Rowe 

Barry is a penguin detective with enough gumption to carry him from one end of the earth to the other and back again. When Father Christmas is kidnapped by the evil Bedbug Queen it looks like Christmas will be destroyed forever. Only the chosen one, a girl called Phoebe, can save him. But she hates Christmas... Will Barry convince her to help him? Will they reach Father Christmas before midnight strikes? Will they have the power to stop the evil Bedbug Queen?

Backing Vocalists: Jackie-Ross Lavender & Sophie Adkins
Produced at Price Studios by Sam Featherstone 

You can also purchase Barry the Penguin's Black and White Christmas as an Online Audiobook from Audible, iTunes, and Downpour